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The Anchor’s role is to be a face and voice of FemaXX.

You will be in the “hot seat” for the duration of the 15-20 minute episodes of Tonight’s News on FemaXX

Anchors will be provided a daily script and will send their feed to the Producer. Each Anchor has the technical requirement to make her own sound and camera function during the broadcast and should be able to troubleshoot difficulties from her desk.

Anchors will also need to ad-lib, banter, or ad hoc compose their prose from notes

We will have a Daily Episode Meeting. You may want to plan to attend this to prepare for your days’ broadcast.

Maintain at least one social media profile for your FemaXX Anchor persona.

Be prepared to be on the receiving end of all sorts of hate- People will call you an idiot, a bitch, a moron, ugly, fat, and slutty. They will also call you smart, sharp, beautiful, and wonderful. Enjoy what you like and forget about the rest.

Additional Details for FemaXX Anchors

The Pilot will be a LIVE broadcast airing at 7pm Eastern on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. (6 Central/4 Pacific). Plan to be occupied on your broadcast days a minimum of from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Anchors need:

  1. Stable Internet Connection
  2. Computer, Webcam, Microphone, Lighting
  3. Broadcast location with background ready for Green Screen, “Classic Simple”, or “Clean & Clear”

Each Anchor will appear with her face and voice on FemaXX, reading all of the day’s news without the passion of her personal bias.

You do not need to use your own name, but understand there is always a risk or even a likelihood of being doxxed or ID’d in some way.