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We’re Hiring

We are looking for Women who are Motivated, Talented, Curious, and Ready to be the Media.

We are a cohort of friends seeking Women of all backgrounds and political leanings who want to exercise the First Amendment to the United States Constitution on our censorship-free platform.


Only positions marked with a asterisk * are intended for One Woman. All others have multiple positions open.

Pilot Director*

Project Manager



Women’s Sports Broadcaster

Video Editor





News Editor-In-Chief*

News Analyst


Associate Producer

HR Director*

Subject Matter Advisor


Audio Engineer**



WordPress Administrator

Facebook Manager

TikTok Manager

Instagram Manager

Pinterest Manager

YouTube Manager

SnapChat Manager

LinkedIN Manager

Things to know

  1. is a brand-new Women-owned and operated Video Streaming Media Cooperative.
  2. We are preparing for a six-week Pilot (“The Pilot”) launching April 2022.
  3. We are not an employer. All opportunities shown are exclusively for The Pilot are based on voluntary, unpaid participation in this timeboxed project.
  4. One mantra we work by is “Each Woman Does What She Can”
  5. We work both with mixed teams and redundancies. You may apply as a team, solo, or hope to be matched.
  6. No Experience Necessary. You are encouraged to try something you have just a little experience in.
  7. Experience Welcome. We are ambitious, principled, and detailed Women who want to do things as well as possible and with reverence for skills and knowledge.
  8. You do not need to appear on camera. If you do appear, you do not need to use your legal name. All participants will be given an email address
  9. The Pilot will be a LIVE broadcast airing at 7pm Eastern on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. (6 Central/4 Pacific). Please consider whether the role you will fill relies on your attendance and whether that time fits for your schedule one or more days each week for 3 or more weeks.
  10. Follow @FemaXXNews on YouTube and Twitter

Please jump through the following hoops to apply for a Role with FemaXX

Fill out the Application Form

-OR- Upload a Resume

-AND/OR – Upload a Cover Letter

-AND/OR- Link us to your Portfolio

Schedule and Attend Committee Meet and Greet

Possible Follow-Up Interview

Receive your Title and Assignment

Register your email address

Start doing things on your job description

Direct all questions to

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