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FemaXX is News in America

of the Women

by the Women

and for the Women and Girls

Intended Exclusively for Women and Girls

Women will be heard.

Join Us Women

We are American Women and Girls. We are all political views, all sides of the argument, we all started as Girls and we will share a future where Women are seen and heard. We need you to join us as we bring the news of what Women and Girls are doing to our audience.

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On The News will bring you Tonight’s News every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night at 7 Eastern/6 Central/5 Mountain/ 4 Pacific. Pilot Premiering Spring 2022.

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In America

From Sea to Shining Sea. American Women and Girls are underrepresented faces and voices in news, leadership, government, entertainment, sports, and in our own homes. FemaXX News and Commentary will show you what you don’t see elsewhere.


we NEED you

Welcome sister.

We have a noble mission to find and share the news of American Women and Girls that isn’t being told. We are preparing a six week pilot and we need Women and Girls of all abilities and talents who believe in our mission to join. Our committee currently meets on Thursdays weekly November 2021-May 2022.

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Free Speech 4 Women.

WE will be speaking live in Chicago on Sunday, May 29th, 2022. Any Woman who wants to get to Chicago on that day is welcome to join US or you can watch from where you are on YouTube.

Use hashtags #FreeSpeech4Women #FreeSpeechForWomen #FemaXXisFemale #ChicagoFreeSpeech to search and share this event.